Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our Residential Carpet Cleaning Services Include:

Pre-inspection – We will do a walk through of the areas to be cleaned. This is to check for anything that may affect cleaning. Things like spots & stains that may need special treatment, condition of carpet and general wear. Also the type of carpet and fiber type can affect cleaning.

Thorough Pre-vacuuming – Many companies skip this important step or ask you to do it for them. It is always a good idea to remove as much dry soil as possible before applying any moisture to a carpet. It is also important to do this with a well maintained quality vacuum. Good brushes and a clean filter bag are important. Also vacuuming slowly and deliberately so as not to miss any areas that are to be cleaned. We also vacuum along all edges.

Apply Pre-treat – All carpets are pre-treated with the best cleaning solutions available. We have many different pre-sprays and spotters on the truck to cover any soiling condition. Pre-sprays are given “dwell time” so they have time to loosen soils before extraction.

Agitation – In some heavier soiling situations it helps to agitate (brush or scrub) the pre-treat into the carpet. We have a few different machines for this and will choose the proper one for your carpet.

Extraction – Truck mounted hot water extraction is when the hoses are run from the truck(van) into your home. A portable hot water extraction unit can also be used where the carpet cleaning machine is brought into the home. Oscillating pad extraction is where a variety of different pads, (microfiber, synthetic, fiber, cotton, cotton blend, etc.) are used on a special machine to extract/absorb the soil. All of these methods deliver excellent results. Drying times very with each method.

Post spotting – Spots that do not respond to the cleaning process are given some extra attention.

Finishing – Carpets are finished with a grooming brush to set the pile and speed drying.

We have cleaned many homes in Wisconsin Rapids and surrounding area over the last 23 years. We specialize in providing a thorough, detail oriented service. These steps ensure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned.